Midnight Snacking


I don’t do every-night. Or, all that often. But when I do. It’s pretty bad. And by bad I mean I consume A LOT of calories. Yes- midnight snacking and me go way back.  When I was little and skinny I did it.  When I was in college and skinny I did it.  And now in the cloak of darkness when everyone is asleep I will do it. Chocolate and cheese are my usual go-to foods.  Sometimes crackers or chips and chocolate.  I get into this vicious cycle of salty and sweet.  At first it’s dignified, a little of this a little of that. But before I know it I am just shoveling it in.  It’s disgusting.  Sometimes I do it when I eat an early dinner.  Then I am too embarrassed to get something else to eat in front of my boyfriend. So I think I’ll be fine, but by 11 or 12 I get a ravenous hunger. I could eat something light. But no I choose the salty and sweet.  The fatty and processed.  And the cycle starts again.  Today I decided after a late night binge last night, that I will not do that ever again.  My life is going to change forever on August 22, but I need to start making changes now!


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