Planning and luck and change

I work as a ten month employee at a University.  Every year my supervisor has given me the opportunity to teach a summer class so I could make ends meet.  This year, only a few weeks prior to the class starting, she informs me I will no longer be teaching.  I was devastated.  Thankfully I have some of my tax return money that I can use to pay the bills come summer break (June 16-August 15)

Then today I got some news.  I was asked to interview for a PT position on campus.  It won’t make nearly the same amount of money I would teaching, but it is in the library! (Did I mention I am getting my second Masters in Library Science!) And this would give me some hands on experience I would need once I start looking for jobs after I graduate.    I haven’t gotten the job yet, but it has made me start thinking about planning and opportunities, fate and luck.  I firmly believe we make our own luck.  But we need to always be on the lookout for opportunity and be prepared for it.

This summer I am also preparing for my surgery on August 22. I am excited and scared, but I have made sure to do my due diligence and plan as much as I can.  So much change going on in my life this summer.  I can’t hardly wait!




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