Since I Last saw you…

It has been so long since I last posted.  My life has been so busy, busy with jobs, my daughter, and just summer-y things.  All good stuff!

I got the library position for the summer, and that has been going great! My last day is the 13th and I have enjoyed my experience there.  I also worked another PT job at the university working with incoming freshmen as a mentor of sorts. That ends on the 5th.

Along with working 2 PT jobs this summer- my actual job (Which is a ten-month position) is going through some changes- mainly office space.  I get a new office- one with a better view but smaller.  I was a little ticked at first- but I figure I’ll be shrinking too so maybe it will be ok! 😉

So my surgery date is August 22! I cannot believe it! I have had many appointments and a few left to go…Here is a rundown

1. Pulmonologist- Passed

2. Psy Eval- Passed

3. Weigh-ins/three months needed- CHECK!

4. Pre-surgical testing- today

5.  Primary doc clearance- Tuesday

6. Cardiologist- Thursday

7. NUT- August 14th

WOW- I cannot believe the date is coming by so fast- when I started this journey I really thought the day would never come- and now that it is here I am nervous/excited/scared/overwhelmed/joyful/ too many emotions to express.

I didn’t have to lose weight for my insurance or doctors orders, but was told not to gain. I had to follow a three month supervised diet, I lost a total of 3 pounds- LOL a pound a month! This actually shocked me because I thought my eating would be out of control- but it really isn’t. I plan on going to a few of my favorite restaurants this last month to have one last hurrah.

How did you feel as your surgery date approached? Or for pre-ops how are you feeling?

I still need to tell a few close family members I am having the surgery and I am nervous at what their reactions are going to be. I really want to surround myself with positivity these last few weeks.

Sometimes I think- why am I having this surgery- can’t I just LOSE it on my own?  Or I look in the mirror and I see someone who is not that big.

But then I remember all those times I lost on Weight Watchers- just to gaining it back. Or I see myself in a photograph and I am reminded that I REALLY am 100 pounds overweight.

So, my friends, the date is approaching- It still hasn’t sunk in.  But I am hoping for great things to come!