Spa Day

A few months ago I won a certificate for a local spa worth 100 dollars. It was a fancy pants Spa, one I could not afford without the certificate, so I decided to treat myself and use some of my birthday cash (yes, my parents still gift me cash!) and my certificate and head to the Spa as a birthday present to me! All in all it was a great day! I got a fab pedi and a magnificent facial.  But there were a couple of things that I have to address:

1.  The Robes! 

I came in and was greeted warmly and shown all the facilities, hot tub, sauna, terrace where I could dine and lounge etc.  Then I was given a robe and told to change into the robe and head to the “resting area” that looked like a beautiful roman bathing area.  Problem. They gave me a size LARGE robe, which I guess for most they would consider a one size fits all.  But, um. Not me People! Did they not look at my large ass? LOL So , embarrassed and slightly pissed I put my clothes back on and had to locate someone who could help me. “Can I get a larger size please?” I whispered as I sheepishly raised the robe towards the women. “Of course” she said, as she looked at me.  I could not figure out what her look expressed then, and I still can’t.  I, of course, thought the worst. She probably thinks I am a fat ass that doesn’t belong.  But maybe not. Who knows, all I know is I’ll put that on my bucket list for something to look forward to after surgery. Fitting into things that are meant as a one size fits all.

2. The hot tub/pool

Calling the hot tub they had a hot tub would be an understatement, it was more like a very heated beautiful tropical pool.  I brought my swimsuit like they indicated on the phone, then I chickened out.  I saw all the tan and toned bodies and I just chickened out.  Also, many people had friends with them or they were couples. I was alone, which I usually don’t care about, I mean I did eat by myself on the beautiful terrace with all the other couples, but putting myself in the vulnerable position of being in a bathing suit alone, I could not do.  I was immediately disappointed as I drove away from the Spa not having taking advantage of the great hot tub.  I hate that my weight has to play any role in my life. I cannot wait till I am comfortable enough in my own skin to not care what others think.

Maybe next year on my birthday I’ll take my birthday cash and head back, and see if I fit into the robes, and confidently sink into the hot tub!